Incorporation and launch

Exciting times on planet ápeiron!  The company has just been incorporated, the website is now live, social media pages are primed and ready to go.

13218572033_16aef7ae98_nThere are some set up and find tuning to be done before we officially launch, but the vision is getting closer to realisation.

The aim of everyone here is actually to do our best to make Guernsey itself the very best it can be by applying our expertise in the most direct possible way to help.

Very shortly we’ll be in a position to do exactly that with a line of service offerings and raft of project management options that can bring expertise in when needed and without long term commitment or outlay.

Author: Tommy (ápeiron)

I started ápeiron alongside some longstanding comrades from the finance industry in Guernsey. I've moved as a qualified accountant to the island in 2003 with my family and have been providing services to the finance sector ever since. Those services have included advisory, consultation, audit, financial due diligence, pre-GFSC visit health checks, forensic accounting and lots and lots of reporting engagements. I've worked with a number of household name top Accounting firms helped develop their own quality and industry standards.

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