investment sector

Dynamic, inventive and fast moving…the Investment Sector epitomises what we love about Guernsey.  A commitment to doing it better than everyone else and differentiating based on quality.

Regulatory reporting

  • Statistical information including Funds Under Management
  • CRS/FATCA – Both advisory and outsourcing options relating to:
    • Classification and system structuring
    • Collection of information
    • Validation of data
    • Reporting (XML to IGOR etc)
  • Financial Resource Requirement computations and compliance

Financial Reporting

  • Outsourced client bookkeeping and accounts preparation*
  • Advisory services relating to investment valuation and prospectus/information memorandum comments
  • Accounting reports for exchange filing purposes
  • Technical queries and interpretations
  • Management accounting and budgets
  • Project accounting (discounted cash flow analysis, financial analysis, statistics, etc)

Investment licensees

  • Outsourced Finance Department functions*
  • Advisory engagements relating to best practice
  • Compliance ‘health checks’ and AML/CFT advisory
  • Local legal and regulatory checklists and pro-forma computations
  • Benchmarking and statistical analysis
  • Business critical projects and human capital introduction
  • Crisis management
  • Briefings and research projects


*If you are considering whether outsourcing functions is the direction for you, see our article on the pro’s and con’s of bringing in professional help – The outsourcing condundrum