A full end-to-end Project Management including Consultancy services and outsourcing is currently having the finishing touches applied.  We expect to see through our first CRS filing through IGOR very soon, nailing down some bullet-proof client security and making sure our XML processing partners can deliver our expectations -and then the full approach to be made available.

The Project Management software and supporting guidance is looking great and will help walk institutions through the whole project from start to end, with a documented audit trail and in-built support and resources.  Here is a sneak peak at the beta version.


For more on the project management and implementation work we are doing to help firms get their CRS and FATCA reporting right, please use out contact form or call.

We can also help with:

— Entity classification techniques and pro-forma’s
— Health checks on data collection and gap analysis
— Technical advice and queries
— Systems and implementation advice and help
— Training and briefings