fiduciary sector

If there’s an industry that captures the essence of allowing people to specialise in delivering outsourced services better than fiduciary business, then we’d like to know what it is!  By its very nature third parties look after what’s important to people.  We’ve lived and breathed this industry – seeing it done well and badly.  Here’s what we can do for you, to let you focus better on what you do best:

Regulatory reporting

  • Statistical information
  • CRS/FATCA – Both advisory and outsourcing options relating to:
    • Classification and system structuring
    • Collection of information
    • Validation of data
    • Reporting (XML to IGOR etc)
  • Adequacy of resources

Financial Reporting

  • Outsourced client bookkeeping and accounts preparation* including postings suitable for automated CRS/FATCA balance and income reporting
  • Management accounting and budgets
  • Project accounting (discounted cash flow analysis, financial analysis, statistics, etc)

Family office and high net worth client services

  • Bespoke assurance and other offerings for the piece of mind of Principals and Trustee’s alike (an audit isn’t always the answer)
  • Valuation advisory and compliance work
  • Data security advisory and assurance work
  • Consolidation outsourcing and advisory
  • Acting as ‘Management Expert’

Fiduciary licensees

  • Outsourced Finance Department functions*
  • Advisory engagements relating to best practice
  • Compliance ‘health checks’ and AML/CFT advisory
  • Local legal and regulatory checklists and pro-forma computations
  • Benchmarking and statistical analysis
  • Business critical projects and human capital introduction
  • Crisis management
  • Briefings and research projects

*If you are considering whether outsourcing functions is the direction for you, see our article on the pro’s and con’s of bringing in professional help – The outsourcing condundrum